Photo by Carmit Hirsch

I’m a 45 years old Israeli artist.
I structure my work around imaginary identities, to manipulate, enrich, and expand my subconscious and life experience.
I believe that rich sources produce exceptional art.
I paint, draw, sculpt, carve, and manipulate a variety of materials, however, the lion’s share of my work is oil on canvas. Since 1995, I have produced more than 1,000 oil paintings on behalf of 33 identities.
I wasn’t born an artist, nor did I study art in university. But ever since the magical seeds of creativity began to germinate within me, I became enchanted and obsessed with the art making process. Creating art is my essence, and I do it primarily for the sake of my own freedom, however, knowing that my art has entered someone else’s heart is very satisfying.
Through my work, I aim to induce imagination, ignite thoughts, awake emotions, and sometimes revive dreams and memories. I truly believe that my work can make certain people happier and more optimistic.
I was born in Israel in 1972, and I currently live in Israel with my girlfriend and our 2 young kids.
I founded HCML in 2001 and consulted investors on commodities trading and hedge funds strategies for 14 years. In 2012 I published my 1st book Investilosophy.
I lived in Las-Terrenas, Dominican Republic for 11 years. Ofir Hirsh, el pintor de Las-Terrenas.
I co-founded Fundacion Marlee-Jo, a Dominican non-profit organization for local kids.   Todo por los ninos.