I create art under different identities to satisfy my urge to express my ever evolving personality.
An identity might represent a remarkable period, an adventure, event, illness, a spiritual journey or a significant change. Other than entertaining myself, becoming a new identity every once in a while refreshes my point of view and fuels my inspiration with new blood.
My artistic evolution is actually structured around these identities.
When I look back at my life in the past 18 years, I see and remember the sequence of identities, not the calendar years.
I began painting in 1995, and since adopting my first imaginary identity in 1999, I have created art under 33 identities.
How it all began? Why did I invent each identity?
Below you will find a list of my identities, the result of my reasonable efforts to be inclusive and chronological. I’m not done yet and will update the links whenever there is a new story.
Clicking on a name will open the related post that tells the story behind that identity.


1995   Ofir Hirsh – The beginning
1997   Ofir Hirsh – The Almogan Art Gallery
1998   Ofir Hirsh – The Search
1999   Jean Gler
2000  Don Astaldo
2001   Rabrinni
2002  Oro
2003  Burrito
2003  Maco pen pen
2003  Cambio
2004  Amarillo
2004  Mondongo
2005  Impidicus
2006  Chingui
2006  Jean Gler II
2007  Oro Solo
2007  Oro Solo III
2007  Oro Pez
2007  Oro Mero
2007  Oro Pescador
2007  Oro Bojukero
2008  Beau Geste
2008  Bojukero y Pescador
2009  Dominicano
2010   Maduro
2010   Reka
2011    Wakona
2011    Manati
2012   Izquierdo
2012   Terrenero
2013   Abu Lavie
2014   Pichon
2015   DNG
2015   Ando
2016   P.D. Kailani
2017   Caminante