I gotta dance. Oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm Ofir Hirsh, 1995

My life was great. I just began painting with oil colors and felt great about it, and my girlfriend and I got back together and walked around with that stupid ‘Lovy Dovy’ expression. But then bad luck struck.
I had a ski accident and ended up with a severe knee injury. I was grounded for 3 months.
As a young energetic guy who loves to travel and party, being suddenly disabled was very frustrating. Being stuck at home, limping with elbow crutches and needing help to do even the simplest task drove me nuts. Fortunately, I got my girlfriend back right on time, to treat and feed me, and of course, drive me to the art supply store each time I ran out of materials.
I began noticing that whenever frustration takes over me, if I sit in front of a canvas and start painting, after a very short while, the negative feeling goes away and is being replaced by a pleasant one. It really doesn’t matter what I paint and what colors I choose, it is just like entering into another universe, an isolated dimension that is all mine, where everything is possible and permitted. Living inside that wondrous dimension as I create it, makes me feel like a magician who is captured by his own magic.
I loved those ‘runaways’ and everybody around me loved them too. Instead of being angry and hostile to my close environment, I became more relaxed and somewhat detached from reality, forgotten the pains, frustration and worries. That phenomenon fascinated me back then, and after so many years of practicing, I can testify that it still works like magic. I’ve found the keys to my private kingdom and discovered an ‘all weather – feel good therapy’, that cures a wide range of negative feelings and even relieves physical pain. That injury, that I initially perceived as bad luck, turned out to be a blessing.