Life is good, everything is beautiful


Oil on Canvas, 59 H x 51 W cm / 23.2 H x 20.1 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh, under the Manati identity in 2011

For no specific reason, I was smiling and laughing to myself, when I entered the studio. “Life is good, everything is beautiful” I said to myself. I had no idea what I was I going to paint, but I knew my process, and I knew that I will probably emphasize what I feel. Sometimes a work takes a few weeks and a few layers to complete. This time, I knew that I will not leave the studio before I’m done, as I had a very decisive sentiment. An old trick to complete an oil painting, with a few layers, quick, without waiting a few days for each layer to dry, is using the palette knife. I used brushes for the first layer, then, I painted over it with the palette knife, keeping some colors ‘clean’, and mixing others with the first layer. I felt like painting the unseen colors of my surroundings in Las-Terrenas; Palm trees, trunks, hills, corals, peddlers in the street, the flowers in my garden and of-course, my love.

In stock


Original oil on canvas painting.
Stretched on a wooden frame, shipped in a plywood crate.
Manati signature in the front. Ofir Hirsh signature in the back along with work details.
A signed certificate of authenticity is attached.
The price includes stretching, packaging and worldwide shipping.
Custom and any local tax at the country of delivery are the sole responsibility of the customer.
In case of return, the amount paid less stretching, packaging and shipping expenses will be refunded to the customer.