The Heart


Mixed media; Oil, oil paint tubes & caps, canvas, brush, staples and glue on plywood.
53 H x 51 W cm / 20.9 H x 20.1 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the Caminante identity in 2017.

“Draw me a heart!” Children all over the world, have always asked me. “Draw me a heart” my 2 years old daughter asks me whenever she enters my studio. Perhaps it is one of the most popular symbols in the world. Regardless of culture, religion, and commercial interests, the heart symbol represents love, affection, friendship, happiness, and more. So I twisted my old oil paint tubes and added some caps, one little brush, 2 tiny pieces of canvas, staples, and glue. I placed them all together onto an emotionally charged plywood from my childhood, and that’s how this heart looks from the front.

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Original mixed media work.
Oil, oil paint tubes and caps, canvas, staples and glue on plywood.
Shipped in a plywood crate.
Caminante signature in the front. Ofir Hirsh signature in the back along with work details.
A signed certificate of authenticity is attached.
The price includes packaging and worldwide shipping.
Custom and any local tax at the country of delivery are the sole responsibility of the customer.
In case of return, the amount paid less packaging and shipping expenses will be refunded to the customer.