Two consecutive carnival dreams II
Oil on canvas, 100 H x 100 W cm / 39.4 H x 39.4 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the DNG II identity in 2015.

When I went through my 2nd Dengue Fever experience, I dreamed quite a few crazy dreams.
For some reason, I dreamed two consecutive dreams that were entirely different in their content, but both took place in the carnival in Brazil.
In the first dream, I was crowned the ‘King of Rats’. I was totally drunk and was solo dancing on top of a moving, tower shaped, stage, leading the wild group of rats who performed on their ‘Trio Electric’ in the Rio de Janeiro carnival parade.
In the 2nd dream, I was myself in the carnival, on a late night or early morning hour of the carnival, in the streets of Salvador, Bahia.
My girlfriend was quite exhausted from days and nights of dancing. She sat on the beach and stared at the sea, when I found her. I approached her to tell her where I was, and what I was up to.
“I’m OK” I told her, and continued: “I’m dancing with a group of healers. We are all wearing horns, and approaching together post traumatic patients as they dance, and by shouting and scaring them, we actually cure them on the spot.”
I thought about these two dreams a lot, and naturally I had my own explanations and interpretations. When I entered my studio, probably 10 days later, the dreams were so alive within me, that I had to take them out. I painted both of them on the same canvas, because I felt they were related, and although I painted only minimal details, I felt that I managed to capture their essence.