La Bruja enamorada
Oil on canvas, 48 H x 58 W cm / 18.9 H x 22.8 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh, under the Terrenero identity in 2012.

In the Dominican Republic, Witch doctors, “Brujos” or “Curadores”, are still quite popular, and especially in the country side, many people prefer consulting with their favorite Witch doctor regarding their health issues instead of a conventional doctor. In one of my trips to the center of the D.R., I visited a small village in the mountains, where my new friends took me to a spooky house and introduced me to “La Bruja”, a charming lady who was the witch doctor of the village. She invited us for coffee and we had a fascinating conversation about healing, spirituality, and reincarnation, but what stood out the most to me, were the romantic gestures between her and her husband. They were clearly very much in love and all I could hear in my head, during the entire visit, was the famous song “I put a spell on you…”