Carnivalistic aspirations.
Oil on canvas, 90 H x 90 W cm / 35.4 H x 35.4 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the Caminante identity in 2017

What an amazing human phenomenon carnivals are. People who have nothing in common gather to celebrate, and together they form the shape, movement, rhythm, and character of each carnival. Carnivals tend to be joyful, vibrant, colorful, loud, and crazy.
The Carnival is a repeatable theme in my work, as in: El Canaval del Pueblo and Two consecutive carnival dreams. Since my early childhood I loved dancing, and as a teenager I worked at a night club and organized parties for the masses. However, it was the carnival in Brazil that showed me what a real party looks like. I was overwhelmed and fell in love with everything the carnival had to offer: Great music, colorful costumes, smiling faces all around me, non-stop dancing in the streets, and the rapid movements of the sexiest bodies in the world. There was also a lot of alcohol and a wild sense of freedom in the air. I remember myself one morning, in the Barra promenade of Salvador, Bahia, after an intense night of dancing. The sun came out as I was still dancing to the sound of the Afro-Brazilian beat along with a group of Brazilians . Although I was a stranger, at that moment I felt one of them.
Many years later, in the Dominican Republic, my girlfriend and I produced the Carnivals of the children of Agua Sabrosa, the tiny and quite conservative version of the Brazilian carnival, but nevertheless, I was so happy and proud to be a part of it.
The work above is about a carnival that never took place. The entire beach scene at the back belongs to Las-Terrenas, in the Dominican Republic: The coconut trees, the sand, and the new paved road. The Trio Electricos, those trucks which carry performers and big speakers, are from Salvador, and they came out quite naive. The monochromatic primitive figures of dancers and other performers are borrowed from Haitian art. The larger figures in the front are the celebrating crowd in their happiest day of the year. Maybe one day there will be such a carnival in Las-Terrenas, and I might need to organize it myself in order to make it happen. Until then, just the thought of participating in another carnival keeps inspiring me.