An ancient love song, by Chingui
Oil on Linen, 60 x 50 cm
Ofir Hirsh, 2006

Hopefully you’ve noticed by now that I sign my works under different names of identities I invent. Most of my identities represent who I was and what I went through in certain periods. They document spiritual journeys, real adventures, and sometimes an illness. But some identities, I have to admit, are pure nonsense. Silly private jokes that made me laugh.
Chingui is actually the nick name of a shy, good-hearted boy, the 2nd son of Charlie. Charlie is my friend, and the best mechanic in Las-Terrenas, because of his vast experience and improvisation skills, and because he is always willing to negotiate. Charlie has 7 kids from 3 different women, and a new girlfriend every once in a while. When I first entered Charlie’s garage, his boys worked with him, and because of their young age, I used to give them sweets. Now the elder one is married with kids and Chingui is an engineering student. When I asked Charlie back then, what is the meaning of Chingui, he told me that his mother, the grandmother of the kid, gave him that name, and that a few of his European customers told him that it’s some kind of a dirty word. But the family didn’t care, because they all liked the sound of it and thought it’s cute. My research concluded that it is Hungarian Slang for Penis (…what a discovery!). Somehow, Chingui quickly became my code word for sex. Inspired by this cute, kinky word, and the light sensual mood it triggered, I painted a few slightly erotic works, that I naturally signed as Chingui.