Fishing the beauty
Oil on Canvas, 100 H x 70 W cm / 39.4 H x 27.6 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the Terrenero identity in 2012

When I lived in Las-Terrenas I used to wake up with sunrise and go straight for a walk on the beach. Before the day even began, I already had my dose of silence and beauty. When the ocean was calm, I loved to gaze at the reflections on the water of; The palm trees, the sky and clouds, and the pinkish hues from the sun. A few fishermen boats were usually already out in the ocean by then, and I used to imagine how the fishermen were fishing that beauty with their hands.
I did not paint the above painting in Las-Terrenas. I did it when we already lived in Israel.
Despite the warm welcome we received by our friends and family when we came back to Israel, I found myself quite frustrated. Waking up in Israel is a stressful daily event. Instead of silently staring at the ocean, everyone listens to the recent horrifying news. The only thing that really helps me to survive and function in rough times is painting, so I quickly started to treat myself. Now, 8 years later, I can observe the process I went through; the change, or more accurately, my resistance to the change. When I lived in Las-Terrenas I was highly inspired by nature and a lot of my works were interpretations of my surroundings. After relocating to Israel, I wasn’t much inspired by nature, so I kept painting the surroundings of Las-Terrenas. My subconscious database was filled with Las-Terrenas images and atmosphere, so I automatically downloaded its content onto the canvas. In a way, I felt that painting the naive Caribbean scenery helped me to balance the intense reality I had to deal with in Israel. So for a while, I lived in Israel but kept painting Las-Terrenas, until the challenges I came upon made their way into my subconscious. I then began expressing my worries and difficulties in my work, but kept doing it with “Las-Terrenas” colors and style. I felt then, as I feel today, that those turbulent times contributed a lot to my work. The change, the challenges, the roller coaster ride of emotions, and the need to balance the intensity I experienced through painting, enriched my work. In the last 8 years that I have lived in Israel, I have been very prolific, and some of my best works were produced during this period. I proved to myself once again that challenging times can be a fertile ground to great art, and that creating art is a superior treatment to frustration and depression.