El Carnaval del Pueblo


Oil on Canvas, 80 H x 80 W cm / 31.5  H x 31.5 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh,under the Maduro identity, in 2010.

My infatuation with carnivals began with my 1st carnival in Brazil in 1994.
In carnivals people share their common need of fantasizing and going crazy. I believe that scheduling annual grand celebrations makes us happier creatures and helps us maintain a more balanced life the rest of the time. I have a few carnival inspired works, and this particular one is inspired by the little known carnivals in the ‘rural’ Dominican Republic. The festive vibes, the action, mess and noise,  during carnival days in those small places. As opposed to the fancy crowded carnival in Santo Domingo (the capital), the carnival in those small Dominican towns or villages, where everybody knows each other, is more intimate and in a way more exciting and personal, as you take a more significant part in it. Throughout the years I experienced “niche” carnivals all over the Dominican Republic; and for a few years with ‘Fundacion Marlee-Jo’, I had the honor of being a part of the organizing team in the carnival of Agua Sabrosa, and yes, I miss it a lot.

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Original oil on canvas painting.
Stretched on a wooden frame, shipped in a plywood crate.
Maduro signature in the front. Ofir Hirsh signature in the back along with work details.
A signed certificate of authenticity is attached.
The price includes stretching, packaging and worldwide shipping.
Custom and any local tax at the country of delivery are the sole responsibility of the customer.
In case of return, the amount paid less stretching, packaging and shipping expenses will be refunded to the customer.