The childish dimension


Oil on Canvas, 150 H x 100 W cm / 59.1 H x 39.4 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh, under the Izquierdo identity in 2012

Whenever I write about an abstract work, or name it, I try hard not to ruin the surprise and the pleasure that I would have liked observers to experience when they explore it. Not only that objectivity doesn’t exist in an abstract interpretation, I personally believe that as an artist I don’t own the one and only “truth” regarding my work, and I actually enjoy listening to observers who further “develop” my work. Children usually do it instinctively and automatically.
I painted this abstract work with my left hand. The first layer was liberating. Filling that big canvas with paint, utilizing my unskilled hand, made me feel like I am playing with colors inside a childish dimension. I painted the second layer only a week later, after the first layer had dried and when my left hand was already a bit more experienced. It wasn’t my intention then, but it seems to me now that the left hand wanted to show off with the progress it made and its improved ability to draw straight lines and some more sophisticated geometric shapes. So here goes, I just revealed an aspect of the painting process and shared a recent thought about it, but I do hope that I left enough space for others to imagine.

In stock


Original oil on canvas painting.
Stretched on a wooden frame, shipped in a plywood crate.
Izquierdo signature in the front. Ofir Hirsh signature in the back along with work details.
A signed certificate of authenticity is attached.
The price includes stretching, packaging and worldwide shipping.
Custom and any local tax at the country of delivery are the sole responsibility of the customer.
In case of return, the amount paid less stretching, packaging and shipping expenses will be refunded to the customer.