Industrial oil paint on Yiron’s caravan.
Created by Ofir Hirsh in the middle of the night at the Red Sea’s shore.

Earthly haven under the divine authority.
Oil on canvas, 80 H x 90 W cm / 31.5 H x 35.4 W in.
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the Jean Gler identity in 2000.

Whenever I’m asked: “What’s your favorite place in Israel?” I answer: “…well, it’s not exactly in Israel, but my favorite place is Sinai.”
Sometime around 1998, towards the end of my degree and on top of that, some financial stress in the background, I was hospitalized with a severe migraine, confusion and trouble speaking and seeing. After the CT, MRI, and a few other examinations, the doctors concluded they have no clue as to what I had and suggested some more examinations. I had enough. I was burnt out and knew I must run away, so I signed the release documents on the spot.
A few days later I was by myself at MY beach in Sinai and I was happy. The migraine vanished, my vision was clear, and my tongue turned smooth again. For about 2 months I went back and forth from Israel to Sinai, until I felt relaxed as the Dalai Lama.
Sinai is situated in the north of Egypt, just across the border from Eilat, Israel’s southern city.
The encounter of the desert with the Red Sea in that underdeveloped area creates a magical universe of tranquility. Time doesn’t really exist in Sinai and there is something in the air that no one can explain. Taking into account the major miracles Sinai had witnessed throughout history, no wonder you can feel the divine power everywhere.
I consider Sinai a part of who I am, a source of wisdom and inspiration, where I experienced vivid visions and developed some of my primary nature painting techniques. I am still passionate about Sinai, but unfortunately, for quite a long time it’s a very dangerous place. Without going into details regarding the terror organizations that made Sinai their base, I’d just like to say that I am very sad I cannot go there. When fear is involved, the fun is gone. I miss Sinai so much and I pray that I will be able to return to that magical place one day.


Limor (Nessa), Shmulik (Rojo) and Bedouins on Camels in Sinai
by anonymous German photograper