Sleeping like a baby
Oil on canvas, 80 H x 90 W cm / 31.5 H x 35 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh in 2013 under the Abu Lavie identity.

For most of my adult life, I needed only a few hours of sleep at night. I had always woke up way before my girlfriend, my friends and everyone else around. I loved to paint throughout the night, and I could even dance all night, then wake up early in the morning sharp and ready to work. Even when I was very tired, the slightest noise could have woken me up. I had the reputation of a light sleeper, and some friends even thought that I suffer from Insomnia. It all changed when I became a father. Soon after I stopped checking if my baby was breathing every 5 minutes, I began to sleep well. Significantly more hours and a much deeper, peaceful sleep. Possible explanations are: I was exhausted. I turned older. I became more relaxed. Much like women, men go through hormonal changes when they become parents, and that’s what changed my sleeping habits. Ironically, I would recommend all of you out there who dream of sleeping like a baby but have none yet: make babies!