Spanish literature out of context
Oil on canvas, 120 H x 77 W cm / 47.2 H x 30.3 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh, under the P.d.Kailani identity in 2016.

I stood in front of that nice white canvas, blending the dark brown I just squeezed out of the tube with some linseed oil, and then after the first brush stroke, all of a sudden, I saw the horns of those evil creatures that my hero Don Quixote was attempting to confront.
I never managed to complete the reading of that fabulous book, probably because I purchased the original old Castilian Spanish version, which is quite thick and has too many words nobody uses anymore. However, my empathy and love to Don Quixote have withstood the years and sometimes he even reminds me of myself and my own battles. I guess I can very much relate to dreamers who live in their own hallucinated universe. The environment and the story of Don Quixote had nothing to do with my daily reality or with the subjects that occupied me during the P.D.Kailani period (mostly baby girls), thus I thought it’s out of context.