Tropical flashbacks

In Caminante, Oil on Canvas, Paintings

A tropical evening, one out of so many, just before the sunset. My girlfriend and I are playing in the reef, in the warm water of the ocean. This intimate turquoise pool is surrounded by massive tropical vegetation, and we…

Red Sea Passion

In Abu Lavie, Oil on Canvas, Paintings

“The scuba diver dives to look around, the free diver dives to look inside.”I don’t know who said it first, but this phrase emphasizes an essential difference between scuba diving and free diving.  I am a free diver, and when…

A lady Witch Doctor in love

In Oil on Canvas, Paintings, Terrenero

In the Dominican Republic, Witch doctors, “Brujos” or “Curadores”, are still quite popular, and especially in the country side, many people prefer consulting with their favorite Witch doctor regarding their health issues instead of a conventional doctor. In one of…