My 2nd painting.
Oil on canvas, 50 H x 70 W cm / 19.7 H x 27.6 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh in 1995.

In 1994, long before I’ve realized I’m an artist, I went on my “after the army trip” to South America.
After 6 months of wild adventures in Brazil, Argentina, Chile & Peru, I arrived at Vilcabamba, a small village in south Ecuador and went out to the mountains, to swallow a ‘cactus drink’ called San Pedro – (Echinopsis pachanoi). While I expected to have some fun, maybe be drunk like and a bit stupid, it turned out to be an intensive awakening adventure. Other than “speaking with God” and “seeing the structure behind the universe”, the visions were so strong and alive, I felt they were calling me.
Decisive about documenting them, I went back to the hotel room, took a blue marker out of my mochila and immediately started to follow the lines. I drew a running bull on my chest, William Shakespeare’s face on the floor of the bathroom and other non related figures and symbols. I also sat down and wrote a long letter to my true love back home containing my manifest.
I woke up the next morning in blue painted sheets, determined to research the true meaning of all the visions I’ve just seen. After that day, although I was sober and in full control, I began seeing ‘things’ (faces, figures, animals, energy flows etc…) everywhere (walls, floors, clouds, trees, my body…) and I felt an incredible urge to draw them with whatever material and on whatever surface.
When I discovered oil colors and canvas, I stopped scribbling on walls.

Vilcabamba, Equador, 1994