The endless road of the naive.
Oil on canvas, 120 H x 90 W cm / 47.2 H x 35.4 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the Caminante identity in 2017.

While it seems like just another day of my journey, to me it is a noteworthy one. I will keep on walking and painting, however today I stop writing, and this post will be the last one in the current format, until further notice. In the coming months I will share with you the stories and backgrounds behind individual paintings.
Since I launched this blog, I have written about my paintings, identities, adventures, dreams, and inspiration. I shared a few confessions and philosophical views of the universe.
While I kept complaining about the inherent weakness of using words as a way of expression, the writing itself came out quite naturally, and I even managed to enjoy it. But “change” has always been a major theme in my life and work, therefore I choose to pause my writing habit, as I feel that I have said quite enough for the time being. I chose to pause my story at “Caminante”, rather than continuing with more recent identities, because it’s difficult for me to write about the recent period and the one I’m currently going through.
The work above symbolizes the unknown path of my journey and my cheerful acceptance of its uncertain nature. If you don’t know your destiny, and at the same time you firmly believe that it will be good and happy, you must be an optimist and rather a naive person. I will keep on confidently walking my naive road, knowing little and yet expecting the best to come. There are always more challenges; Mountains to climb, oceans to cross, and new universes to discover. Each step and every moment carry fresh inspiration that call for expression. The journey of an artist never ends. I thank all my friends, followers, and readers for being my audience, and the motivation for my writings.