The ethical issues concerning the utilization of my fish neighbors as models
Oil on Canvas, 76 H x 117 W cm / 29.9 H x 46.1 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh, under the Wakona identity in 2011.

Yes, this work’s title is quite exhausting. It does, however, provide the background to what I went through before, during, and after the art making process.
Does a fisherman love fish? if so, why does he kill them?
Fish is my favorite food, and when I lived in Las-Terrenas, Dominican Republic, I enjoyed very much spearfishing. It satisfied my primitive human hunting instincts. The reef in front of my house was populated by a variety of tropical fish, so actually we were neighbors. As a spear fisherman, I spent infinite hours underwater. I used to observe innumerous fish species and their behavior. I learned to love and respect them, and yet, when they looked good enough and were in my range, I pulled the trigger, for the sake of a delicious lunch or dinner. If that wasn’t enough, I used them as an inspiration to my work.