Spiritual self-portrait.
Oil on canvas, 100 H x 100 W cm / 39.4 H x 39.4 W in.
Created by Ofir Hirsh in 1998.

The spiritual journey of an artist never ends. However, during a specific period in my life (1998-1999)  I was actively searching for a meaning, the truth, and for my own destiny. That’s why I named this period as “The Search”.
Back then, I was occupied with philosophical and existential questions and I was looking for answers wherever I could. I read spiritual books, meditated frequently, practiced guided imagery and astral projection, and “worked” around the clock in order to figure out the relationship between dreams and reality.
I wrote down my ideas and thoughts, believing that documenting them will lead me to a significant breakthrough in understanding the secrets of life.
But sorry to disappoint you all. No. Nada. I concluded that there are no secrets.
I have learned how small and insignificant we all are in this universe, that we live in a perpetual uncertainty and it’s fine, and that I shouldn’t take myself too seriously.
My conclusions have paved the road to an adventurous lifestyle that is enjoyable and fearless. I became my own spiritual mentor and my inner fountain grew bigger each day. Creating art and observing life as an artist became my meaning. Expressing myself, experimenting, and pursuing crazy ideas became my routine.
It was during the rough times, when despite the difficulties, I felt happiness and freedom, that I realized I have reached my destiny. The search has lead me to myself.