The untouched landscapes of 3 daydreams
Oil on Canvas, 76 H x 117 W cm / 29.9 H x 45.7 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh, under the Wakona identity in 2011.

My daily routine includes a 5 minute nap in the afternoon, right after lunch. Usually when I see something unreasonable , I realize that I’m dreaming and I wake myself up. Then I come back to the real world full of energy.
One specific week, during my Wakona period, I dreamed 3 days in a row, in my afternoon nap, about untouched faraway beaches. Although each of them was located in a different place on earth, I felt the same silent and solitude in all of them, accompanied by rare combination of thoughts of both an old man and a baby, perhaps arriving at a new reality or dimension. The recurrence of the remote beach theme, along with the old man/baby thoughts and feelings, convinced me to document those 3 daydreams in one single work.