Dear Friends,
On October 7th Israel went through a vicious and unprecedented terror attack by Hamas’ militansts.
As I’m not yet able to digest the violence and atrocities, I will just quote the numbers: Hamas murdered more than 1300 Israelis, most of them are civilians, including women, young children and elderly.
300 Israelis are still missing and around 200 are held hostages by Hamas in Gaza.
As some of you might remember, I’m Israeli, and a very proud one. I was born and raised in Israel and spent a significant portion of my life there.
Since last November, my family and I are back in Las-Terrenas in the Dominican Republic.
We are safe and we had an amazing adventurous year, but now we are watching the news from Israel, worried sick about our friends and families.
While I keep painting intensively in rough times, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to entertain my readers and share my naive artistic thoughts when my brothers and sisters are fighting a war of survival.
So, until further notice, I suspend my Newsletter and posts.
I promise to start over again, once the situation settles down.
Thanks for your understanding and for being my loyal readers.
Yours truly,

Oil on canvas, 100 H x 100 W cm / 39.4 H x 39.4 W in.
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the Vitaly identity in 2022.