Photo by Carmit Hirsch

Artist Statement:
Realizing how tiny and temporary we are in this universe, I feel a constant urge to extend my being and have an impact. By creating art under different identities, I transform myself from an insignificant individual to a group of prolific creators.
My work reflects my personal evolution; The adventures and changes I go through, my spiritual journey and my artistic ambitions, nevertheless, I have always felt that through painting I am channeling an entity that is way bigger than me. Whether I call it subconscious, God, or the universal intelligence, transferring onto the canvas what I see and feel, keeps me balanced and happy. Sometimes I wonder, if delivering visions and colors to the people is my true purpose, or that I simply became addicted to the pleasure of painting and to the lofty feeling that comes afterwards.
I’m a self-taught artist, born in Israel in 1972. I currently live in Israel with my girlfriend and 2 young kids.
I began painting in 1995 , and co-founded the Almogan Art Gallery in 1997.
Since adopting my first identity in 1999, I have created art under 37 different identities.
I paint, draw, sculpt, carve, and manipulate a variety of materials, however, the lion share of my work is oil on canvas.
From 2002 to 2012 I lived in Las-Terrenas, Dominican Republic. Ofir Hirsh, el pintor de Las-Terrenas. I co-founded “Fundacion Marlee-Jo”, a Dominican non-profit organization for local kids. Todo por los ninos.
Between 2001 and 2014 I consulted investors on commodities trading and hedge funds strategies at HCML. In 2012 I published my 1st book Investilosophy: Investments Lessons Wrapped in a Story.