Painting out the love pains/ My 1st Oil Painting
Oil on canvas, 50 H x 40 W cm / 19.7 H x 15.7 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh in 1995.

When I returned to Israel after my life changing trip to South America, my girlfriend and I got back together. We were deeply in love, however, as a result of a serious disagreement, we broke up.
I suffered severe love pains and wanted her back in my life.
I wanted to show her how much I love her and to impress her.
I went into a reputable art supply shop and asked the owner: ‘what are the best colors professional painters use?’
“Oil colors” he immediately replied, “…but then you need a canvas and brushes…’. So off I went, with oil colors, a few canvases and brushes, to create my first painting.
As I was longing my girl so much, I saw only her in my mind. So I painted her.
Enthusiastic and full of expectations, I invited her and presented her with my “masterpiece”. Sure enough she was all excited and touched, and fell immediately into my arms.

Limor & Ofir, 1993
Limor & Ofir, 1994