Documenting the process
Oil on canvas, 115 H x 75 W cm / 45.3 H x W 29.5
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the Caminante identity in 2017.

When I paint an abstract, I am not inventing the wheel. I merely connect to my subconscious and my hand paints what it sees or feels. The documentation of this process with oil on canvas is my work.
In this work, after toning the canvas with an acrylic layer, I dribbled on it with oil pastels. Then, I painted the first oil layer. A few days later, when the first oil layer dried, I added an additional layer of oil paint diluted with a lot of linseed oil, to give it a more liquid, flowing appearance, like thoughts. Then, I began to write my feelings. While I would have liked to describe the process in simple words, avoiding the poetic cliches, I cannot hold myself from saying the following: “Holding a single brush, my right hand danced to the rhythm of my subconscious. Like a skinny muscular ballet dancer suddenly going wild, or a drunk poet writing with oil paint. Will anyone be able to read what I wrote?”