Living my biblical theory
Oil on canvas, 80 H x 100 W cm / 31.5 H x 39.4 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh, under the Manati identity in 2011

I love reading the bible. It teaches about human nature and human’s ability to effectively change the shape of things, or make history. It has many great lessons about faith, belief, and about miracles, which I’m fond of and believe in. While I do not consider the bible to be a thorough or exact history book, ever since childhood I have been fascinated by its stories and characters.
I don’t mention it very often, however when friends ask me: ” Frankly Ofir, what’s your story?” I usually respond automatically: “… Me, I’m just a biblical guy.”
It doesn’t mean that I am religious, nor that I follow all the bible’s rules. What I am trying to deliver is that I believe in miracles, in humans’ ability to communicate directly with God, and that grand dramatic events still happen in today’s world, and can happen to any of us. Technology changes the world, but it doesn’t change the essence of life.
While I am entirely aware of my cosmic insignificance, I like to think that my life has a greater meaning, that my actions and decisions have a greater impact.
I have defined myself as biblical for more than 2 decades. Some friends can’t hide their laughter, or inability to grasp that concept. I’m not offended when they call me crazy or strange, because my biblical theory works fine for me. It keeps me motivated, and endlessly fuels my creative engine. It have enriched my life with adventures, visions and miracles, and it provides me with a clear definition of who I am in the spiritual sense. I love being biblical!