Layers of worries create beauty
Oil on canvas, 100 H X 100 W cm / 39.4 H X 39.4 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the Terrenero identity in 2012

In this crazy adventure called life I’ve seen many ups and downs. However, the wildest emotional swings I experienced arrived in the summer of 2013 in Israel, when my girlfriend was hospitalized in the department for high risk pregnancy for 2 months. I spent long hours with her everyday at the hospital, but there wasn’t much I could do besides supporting and loving her. At nights I was back home, exhausted and worried, and all I did was pray and paint. The work above was conceived gradually. Every evening for approximately two weeks, I expressed a few worries and documented what I’ve seen earlier that day in the high risk department. When I felt I was done and the painting was nearly dry, I brought it to the hospital, and hanged it in my girlfriend’s room, right in front of her. She immediately fell in love with it, and later on told me that no matter how many hours she stared at it she kept discovering more and more of her journey, and that she felt I painted her adventure in the hospital. Not only that the layers of worries came out nice together on that canvas, our long journey resulted in an absolute wonder. Our healthy baby boy finally came to this world and we named him Lavie. He’s almost 10 years old now, and I cannot describe how much I love him nor the happiness that he brings to my life every single day.