Light between generations
Oil on canvas, 89 H x 79 W cm / 35 H x 31.1 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the Pichon identity in 2014

Some people radiate. Their light is not the physical light that is spread by objects such as the sun, bulbs or fireflies, but rather a spiritual light that emanates from the depth of their soul. These people can be any of the following: charming, funny, charismatic, good hearted, compassionate, or just truly nice. Their light is usually felt by people who are sensitive enough and who are aware of such light and its influence.
I have always admired my father. He was warm and loving, wise, calm, strong and generous, and he was a pilot, which added him an extra glare as my hero. My father was diagnosed with Parkinson 18 years ago, when he was 69. Mostly because of his disease and also due to his old age, many of his fine characteristics vanished, however one thing which withstood the winds of time is his light which lightens up any room he enters. When My son Lavie came to this world, I recognized his light right from the beginning and have been charmed by it ever since.
I imagined how despite my father’s disabilities, his light and my son’s  light are conducting some kind of a dialogue and creating a channel which crosses age and time. I wondered then and still do today: Can personal spiritual light be transferred? Can wisdom and life experience be transferred through this light? What is the potential influence of a great old spirit on a young soul? Are some of us born with that light or otherwise, can we choose to carry it?