Playing with the nature.
Oil on fabric, 61 H x 48 w cm / 24 H x 18.9 W in.
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the Oro identity in 2003.

Yes, we dreamed about living in a tropical peaceful place, but our daily reality in Las-Terrenas surpassed all our dreams. “What are you doing there?” Friends kept asking, and my girlfriend and I usually replied “Opening Coconuts!”, which we did, but our routine included a few other activities such as swimming and playing in the warm turquoise water of the lagoons, pretending we are dolphins. Rolling and scrawling over the sand, chasing sideway-running crabs. Collecting seashells and searching for strange looking driftwoods. Strolling through the beach with our eyes closed, listening to the sound of the waves, feeling the wind touching our skin. Crossing streams, just before they flow into the sea. Hiking the jungles, with nothing but a machette…and yes! Picking, opening and drinking delicious coconuts right from the trees. We were one with the nature, and it felt pure and simple and powerful. Without thinking or planing, we were simply playing, just like children, until the sun goes down.