Oil on canvas, 120 H x 89 W cm / 47.2 H x 35 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the Abu Lavie Identity in 2014

Perhaps the most basic technique to enter a meditative state is to focus your attention on your breathing, and that’s why Free-diving is inherently meditative. Free-divers exercise breathing before and after they dive, and during diving they hold their breath until they resurface.
When diving in the open sea, the longer you hold your breath, the deeper you can go. Personally, I free-dive, without any ambitious goals of breaking depth records. I do it in order to reach that unique meditative state which I experience only when I free dive. It’s magical and joyful, and I can do it for hours. Despite the safety recommendation to free-dive with at least one companion, I always free-dive alone. It’s not that I consider myself immortal, it’s just that free-diving to me is a highly individual experience, and companions disturb that rare self intimacy.
Free-diving is a purifying act that always brings me back to my true self.
I am obviously inspired by all the thoughts and revelations I experience while I play and become one with the Big Blue. It’s been a long time that I have been trying to express in painting the accumulated experience of infinite free-diving hours. I have tried to capture the spirit of free-diving, the breathing practice, the exceptional consciousness level, and that self insignificance which triggers a sense of merging with the water and with the entire universe.
Throughout life I have tried to be special, to express my unique personality, and leave an important legacy behind, however, ironically, whenever I imagine myself as a tiny drop of water or a bubble, I experience that conscious moment of clarity I have always searched for.