The incredible beauty of an ugly couple in love.
Oil on Linen, 59 H x 49 W cm/ 23.2 H X 19.3 W in.
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the Mondongo identity in 2005.

They were one of the ugliest couples I had ever seen. They had frightful faces, hideous bodies and very unpleasant voices. They even fed each other greasy disgusting junk food that had a terrible odor. They were kissing, and licking each other and telling one another sleazy words of love and passion out loud. We were all staring at them. All the Gua-gua passengers (public transportation in the Dominican Republic); men, women, old people, children and truly yours, were hypnotized by that couple. Despite their ugly appearance and sleazy performance, they were glowing, and for a few long minutes I even thought they were incredibly beautiful. They were in love. They seemed happy and excited,  entirely ignoring the environment around them. They looked at each other as if they had just discovered the most amazing miracle in the whole world. I asked myself: “If that is not beauty, what is?”