Underwater colonies of sensitive creatures.
Oil on Canvas, 100 H x 100 W cm/ 39.4 H x 39.4 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh under the P.D.Kailani identity in 2016.

The underwater universe in Eilat, at the Red Sea, is an infinite inspiration for me and it is never enough. The sophisticated structures, the color compositions, the camouflage and coloring techniques of the thousands of underwater creatures, are a dream come true to any beauty chaser, and they teach me, as an artist, more than I could ever learn. Even more than the beauty, what keeps me overwhelmed, is the harmony in which all this universe is being managed.
Most divers are after the magnificent and rare fish. Their designs are so extraordinarily colorful, original and yet, so functional. I am just another admirer of these sexy fish and I am captured by their genial design and ungraspable beauty, however, as the years go by, I find myself more and more fascinated by the complexity of the corals down there. I am deeply impressed by their shape and structure, and because it  takes for them many years to grow, I appreciate their persistence and what I perceive as patience in executing their long term plan. I think that I am so attracted to corals, because of the similarities I find between them and us. We are both smart, and complex, and so fragile.
Corals have been on this planet for a few hundred million years. Now, that figure, amazing as it is, is also what triggers my anger. They have been here for hundreds million years, until we humans came. Our lives and actions put their existence at high risk.
During one of our long visits to Eilat, there was a massive oil spill, north of the city. Over 5 million liters of the oil that spilled threatened to contaminate the coral reefs of Eilat. The authorities blocked it in a last minute coordinated effort. It happened at the end of 2014, and the cleaning operation of all the intoxicated soil is still going on. Just imagine what would have happened if it had reached the water.
I think about the BP event in the Gulf of Mexico. Tankers and cruise ships still visit the Eilat Bay frequently. What will happen to this underwater wonder should one of them leak. It takes very little; an old or damaged equipment, human error, or lack of attention and boom!!!
While I enjoy long hours of excitement and constantly fuel my inspiration, I am honestly concerned about the future of coral reefs around the world. I am concerned that they will no longer exist. That after millions of years on this planet, we, the young human race will kill them. I’m afraid that we will no longer be able to enjoy their beauty and be inspired by their harmonious management of their system, and that their extinction will signal further deterioration in other areas of the environment.
If we take care of the underwater colonies, we will preserve one of the most marvelous wonders of our planet. Furthermore, we should constantly promote the protection of sub-universes that live by our side, as a core value.