Tropical flashbacks
Oil on canvas, 100 H x 100 W cm / 39.4 H x 39.4 W in
Created by Ofir Hirsh, under the Caminante identity in 2017.

A tropical evening, one out of so many, just before the sunset. My girlfriend and I are playing in the reef, in the warm water of the ocean. This intimate turquoise pool is surrounded by massive tropical vegetation, and we are waiting for that perfect moment, when the colors of the nature around us seem perfectly clear and prettier. Fishermen in their little boats, peasants coming back from the mountains, and local dogs strolling on the beach. The salty taste of the water when we kiss, the brief moment of chill as we step out of the water, and the mosquito bytes.  When you are in love in the tropics, you are not really bothered by little earthly problems. You do not have to stop and smell the roses, you smell them all day long.